Dragon Head

Patented "DRAGON HEAD" Brail Line Organizer

Ever feel frustrated or upset when you've caught a rock or oyster bar, break the line, snatch the lead line, or have an out of balance leadline? The net cannot be used at this time. You either have to send it to the store for repair or buy a new one. It costs money and you lose fishing time. This patented device will let you change a brail line in just minutes and allow you to continue fishing without interruption.

This device is constructed in two parts:

  1. Rigid nylon disc with 36 holes to let each brail line go through an individual hole. Each line then can be knotted separately at the end and tied to the lead line one the other end for easy replacement. The length of the brail line depends on the length of your cast net. After the knot is tied, screw cover in until it is tight.
  2. Swivel: The swivel connects to the nylon disc and ties to the handline.

How to install the Dragon Head swivel?

  1. Seperate the cover from the disk and swivel.
  2. Cut 36 brail lines to desired length.
  3. Thread each individual brail line through the disk and tie a secure knot, as diagrammed in Fig. B, so that the brail stays in place.
  4. Once all the brails have been attached to the disk check to make sure that the lines are even. If the lines are not even with each other, then you will need to trim the brails so that all the lines are even.
  5. The next step is to attach the brails to the lead line. Tie the brails to the lead line as you normally would.
  6. Snap the cover over the disk.
  7. Tie the hand line as you normally would.
  8. Proceed to cast the net.

How to replace a broke brail line?

  1. Remove teh cover from the disk.
  2. Remove the old brail line from the disk, as well as from the lead line.
  3. Cut a new brail line to the desired length.
  4. Thread teh brail through the opening in the disk and tie a secure knot.
  5. Check to make sure the new brail is even with the remaining brails.
  6. Attach the new brail to the lead line as you normally would.
  7. Replace the cover over the disk.
  8. Proceed to cast the net.